Review Process

  1.  After the submission, the corresponding author is asked to clarify that the paper has not been published elsewhere; to contact the editorial office using his/her institutional email address and confirm that he/she had thoroughly revised and agreed with the TCSSE publication policies.

  2. The manuscript is screened for basic technical requirements.

  3. The corresponding author receives a confirmation E-mail, informing him/her whether or not the manuscript has been properly structured.

  4. Even though the authors are responsible for potential plagiarized content, the editorial office, by using specialized software, scans the content of the paper for plagiarism.

  5. The editorial office reserves the right to return to authors, without peer review, improperly formatted manuscripts or non-authorized submissions.

  6. The manuscript undergoes initial screening by the TCSSE associate editors, including comments on its structure and the language aspect.

  7. TCSSE reviewers for the manuscript are assigned.

  8. When a sufficient number of review reports are received, the managing editor and editor in chief make the final decision. The time of the peer review completion depends on many circumstances. Even though we strive to provide peer review in a decent time frame, fast publication cannot be guaranteed. 


There are several types of decision possible. They include:-

-Accept the manuscript as submitted;

-Accept it with minor revision;

-Accept it with major revision; and

-Reject the manuscript because it does not meet the journal criteria.