Toronto Conference

Canadian International Conference on Social Science and Education

1st-4th August 2022

Ontario College for research and Development

Toronto - Ontario

Free Journal Publication

Abstract Submission : Open

Conference Languages : English - French - Arabic

Awards & Recognition


Certificate of Presentation

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Appreciation (Session Chairs)

Best Presenter of each session

Best Student Presenters

Important Dates


Abstract Deadline :Until 10th July, 2022

Full Article Deadline for Journal publication, the June Volume : Until 15th April, Or 15th August for October volume or 15th November for January volume.

















This Conference will be held at :-

University of Toronto

St. George Campus

Call For Papers

Kindly Fill the Online Registration Form or Fill the attached Registration form and

send your abstract to :-

Conference Themes :-


Topics include (but not limited to):

• Education

Administrative Sciences
• Anthropology
• Applied Social Modeling and Simulation
• Behavioral and Psychological Sciences
• Business Information Management
• Business Information Systems
• Business, Economics, Management and Marketing
• Business, Finance and Tourism Management
• Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
• Communication and Information Technologies in Social Sciences
• Communication, Communities and e-societies
• Computational Methods in Social Science
• Confluence of Social Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Complexity
Country studies
• Data mining in Social Science
• Digital Libraries, Archives and Repositories
• Economics, Financial and Industrial Systems
• Economics, Markets and Systems
• Education and Information Technologies
• Education Science and Technology
• Educational Technology
• Electoral Competition
• Energy Alternatives
• Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development
• Environmental studies
• E-Society and Online Communities
• Ethical Issues and Challenges
• Ethnic Studies/International Studies
• Finance
• Gender Studies
• Geographic Information Systems
• Geography and Geological Sciences
• Health Issues and Services
• History
• Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity
• Human Rights Development
• Human-Computer Interactions
• Human-Environment Interactions
• Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy
• Land-Use Modeling Techniques and Applications
• Law and Justice
• Political Science and Decision Making
• Politics, society, and international relations
• Population and Development
• Preservation and Green Urbanism

• Psychology
• Public Administration
• Public Governance
• Race/Ethnic Studies
• Social and Organizational Networks
• Social Complexity
• Social Computing
• Social Network Analysis
• Social Systems Dynamics
• Social Work
• Social-Psychological, Social, Organizational, and Technological Systems
• Socio-Cognitive-Technological Systems
• Sociology
• Sociology and Social Computation
• Sport and Physical Education
• Sustainable Development

Registration Rates and Payment


* Registration Fee for Paper Presentation & Poster Presentation:  $550

Kindly add US$25 for the fee transaction


Registration Fee includes :-


 -Review and publication of your paper in the Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education

-Conference's Booklet of Abstracts

-Certificate of Presentation or Attendance for Listeners



No Refund Policy

There shall be no refund of amounts paid to secure conference registration after date on participant's invitation letter.



This is the  account information


The Bank name : Bank of Montreal
The Bank address : 6760 Morrison St, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6Z8
ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME ADDRESS : 2747 Deputy Minister Path, Oshawa, L1L 0M7
Account No: 4786-031 

Financial Institution No: 001 

Plan Lead Account: 0490 3948-853


Kindly note that the registration fee is required to be done up to two weeks before the conference date, Registration fee does not include accommodation and transportation. Participants are also advised to have a copy of their payment slip when going to the registration desk at the conference just in case they are requested to show proof of the payment on their arrival.


REGISTRATION PAYMENT:  While we prefer credit card payment online with PayPal or major credit/debit cards we also accept transfer payment via MoneyGram or Western Union. We do not recommend use of third-parties to process online registration payments. Third-parties should process registration payments via MoneyGram or Western Union. Before registering via MoneyGram or Western Union please email us at

VISA: Please note that all those attending the conference from overseas should check the visa requirements well in advance.  We do not participate in visa processing arrangements.  Attendees are responsible for making their necessary arrangements for travel.


Registration refunds are not granted for failure to attend, late arrival, unattended events or early departure. OCRD is not responsible for weather-related cancellations, airfare, hotel or other costs that are associated with conferences if the registrant is unable to attend. ​



PowerPoint Presentations: At the conference, the presentation room will be equipped with a laptop, a digital projector and a projector screen. The laptop will be set up for PowerPoint presentations. presenters are asked to save their presentations in a compatible format. There is a 20-minute limit per presentation.


CONFERENCE PROGRAM/AGENDA: To be announced. Conference agenda and presentation schedule to be determined later after all proposals/abstracts have been received- usually 15-10 days before a conference.


SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL/ABSTRACT: We welcome abstracts of completed or proposed research for presentation (oral, poster or virtual formats) and for publication in the conference proceedings. Academics, college administrators, corporate executives, experts, consultants, professional researchers, and independent scholars are encouraged to submit their works. We also welcome case studies, work-in-progress reports or proposals done by graduate students in any of the conference topic areas. To submit either an abstract or full paper, please email us a copy of your proposal as a MS Word file attachment including all authors’ names and affiliation. Notification of Acceptance:  Within one week of submission time.